Thursday, December 2, 2010


Foundation is defined as the lower part of the structure that transmits the load of the structure to the soil or rock. Foundations are often calcified as strip foundation, pile foundation, raft foundation and pad foundation. Bearing capacity (safe load per unit aria which the ground can carry) of the soil is 150 kN/m2. There are 83 footings in the main building & 9 footings in the sports complex.
But I could not see the footing work in the site, because footing work was finished before I go to site. But there was two pre cast foundation without keeping it exact position, because it was needed access for vehicles which were carrying cement, blocks, reinforcements and other material. Once the project came to finishing position the pre cast beam was placed in its exact position.
Initially soil was excavated and compacted well, after that 75mm thickness of mass concrete was placed, finally footing was lifted and on top of mass concrete with mobile crane.


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