Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anti Terminate treatment

Anti-termite treatment for is important to soil, because soil termites are social insects live in well organized colonies in soil. They eat cellulose base matter such as wood, paper etc.  Termites gain access through plumbing lines, voids in wall plaster, cervices in rubble foundation and settlement cracks on ground floor.  These termites destroy properties. Termites reach wood base material even at upper floors of multi-storied building. Chemical used for this was an aqueous solution of an organophosphate was approved by the registrar of the pesticides in Sri Lanka.
After the backfilling the area, all debris was removed. Termite was sprayed at 5L per 1m2   by using a motorized pressure pump with a pressure of approximately 300 psi.  For the concreted area around the area at approximately 1m intervals holes were dug and pumped at the rate of 1.5L per hole.

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